Saffron Caterers & Events is a family-run company based in London. Our team consists of creative and talented chefs led by Gareth Thomas who are, simply put, passionate about food.

Combined with the organisational and event management skills of Kelly Barnes, Saffron Caterers is committed to providing unique and memorable experiences.


Gareth Thomas, Director

Saffron Caterers and Events was the brain child of Gareth Thomas, a leading UK chef who trained at the prestigious Leith’s Cooking School before working for culinary luminaries Gary Rhodes and Jean-Christophe Novelli. In 2008, Thomas opened his award winning restaurant – the Rose & Crown – in Highgate.

Having seen a gap in the market for quality, bespoke catering, Gareth sold his restaurant and Saffron Caterers and Events was born.

With more than fifteen years’ experience in the catering industry, Thomas and his team work closely with clients to create something truly unique every time. Since its launch, Gareth has grown the business to become one of the most highly sought after caterers in London.


Dawn Thomas, Marketing Director

Dawn is married to Director and Head Chef Gareth Thomas and has promoted Saffron Caterers & Events through various marketing activities since the company launched.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the marketing industry, Dawn has helped create the Saffron Caterers brand with her husband and continues to support the team with events and promotions.


Emma Horsham, Senior Event Manager

Emma has worked in customer service and hospitality / catering in a variety of roles for over 20 years. Starting with Saffron Caterers in 2015, Emma has progressed in her role to Senior Event Manager.

Emma always goes above and beyond to make sure your event will be perfect from start to finish.


Tara Barnes, Event Coordinator

Tara has been working in customer service in the aviation industry for almost twenty years. After working alongside Kelly at Saffron for several years she has successfully progressed into events management.

Tara has a huge amount of enthusiasm, a keen eye for detail and delivering an excellent event for all our clients.

“You are an absolute star!

You worked so hard to make Rachel and Liam’s wedding day such a wonderful occasion and we truly appreciate everything you did…. We are all so grateful to you.”

Carole, a very happy mother of the Bride!



Kelly Barnes, Events Director

Kelly has been the face of Saffron Caterers and Events since its inception.  Kelly’s fifteen years at The BBC in Marketing and Events before teaming up with Gareth has proved to be the foundation of her exceptional customer service.

Her personal approach to clients and her ability to oversee all aspects of the event whilst still smiling has led to Saffron becoming a firm favourite with clients and venues all over London.

“Kelly was superb both in the lead up to the wedding and the actual day. Every request was met and she was reassuringly relaxed with us both”

“Kelly, I was so grateful and impressed with your incredible organisational skills and support. I couldn’t have done it without you!”